BFA Press publishes The Magnificents: The World’s Longest Field Trip by Barry McMahon, available today on Amazon,  The Magnificents (Paperback) or The Magnificents on Kindle.

This is the first book to be published on BFA Press and we are making it available on BFA Barry Fine Arts first.

We will be issuing a press release soon for the title but here’s a quick heads up to those who follow BFA…

About the Book 

When Mr. Fiddle walked through the door on an otherwise ordinary day, the kids in the classroom were expecting the usual routine. They knew for certain that he, their substitute teacher, was about to deliver some canned speech they simply did not want to hear.

But, when all was said and done that day, for five very special students, something ordinary became extraordinary, and they emerged from Mr. Fiddle’s classroom empowered by lessons they never expected to learn.

Together, Tommy, Billy, Ralph, Josephine, and Agnes discover that they possess magical, superhuman powers, and they become a team of gifted heroes, who dub themselves “the Magnificents.” With these amazing powers, however, comes amazing responsibility, and the group must learn to grasp, develop, and control their newfound powers—which is a mighty big feat for five eleven-year-olds to tackle, especially considering the incredible perils and continued threats of detection that await them in this thrilling and fun-filled sci-fi novel.

The first book in a forthcoming series, The World’s Longest Field Trip follows this team of preteen heroes as they grow into their talents, strengths, and relationships; and confront unimaginable challenges in the arctic, where they’re tasked to save stranded wildlife, and unavoidably encounter the area’s most legendary, abominable creature.

About the Author

Barry McMahon holds extensive experience in the corporate and private sectors, a BFA from Bowling Green State University, and numerous credits as an author, software developer, and scenic painter. Among his previous creative achievements are the children’s book Happy Dumm-Dumms; two musical albums; and scenic design and storyboard artwork for major films, as well as acclaimed artists such as Prince and Carmen Electra.

But the accomplishments of which McMahon is proudest come not from his professional endeavors, but from his personal life and his relationship with his children. Father to a blended family of five, he has shared countless special moments learning and growing with his children, who have inspired him to create rich stories replete with empowering messages that encourage imaginative thinking, problem-solving skills, and the development of talent.

For years, McMahon has enjoyed reading epic series with his children, and, now, with the release of The Magnificents, he offers the first installment in his own.